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The Wonderful World of Hemp

Hemp is perhaps one of the most incredible plants in the world.
This plant can help you with medical ailments, build a house, clothe the homeless, and so much more. While growing industrial hemp isn’t illegal, the DEA does require farmers to get a permit for it. Unfortunately, they refuse most applications, so there is a shortage of hemp. But once you realize all it can do, you just might find yourself scratching your head as to why it is illegal.

First, we’ll get the fact the cannabis plant contains THC. Yes, it is true there is THC in many of the hemp plants, but more species with little to no THC are being manufactured and in their place CBD levels are being increased. CBD is a substance also known as cannabidiol, that provides medical benefits, without the high. The substance is non-psychoactive and doesn’t deliver the heady high that people seek out. CBD can help with nausea, reduce seizures, combat psychosis, help reduce inflammation, fight cancer, and even curb anxiety. This is one of the reasons why so many people seek out this powerful substance. Despite the fact it can do all this, the federal government still has CBD listed as an illegal substance, because it comes from cannabis which is illegal on the federal level.

Hemp doesn’t only have medical benefits either. There are other uses that help has been proven to be effective for. An example is the fibers of clothing. A single acre of hemp has the ability to produce just as much fiber as 3 acres of cotton can. Those who have worn hemp clothing have discovered this material is stronger than cotton, it is resistant to mildew, and most of the clothing created from it is softer and more comfortable to wear.

Clothing isn’t the only option out there either. Paper products have also been produced successfully with the plant. A single acre of hemp has the ability to produce the same amount of paper as 4 acres of trees can. There is also no limit to the types of paper products that can be produced. Companies can produce tissue paper, toilet paper, cardboard, and other popular paper items from these plants. Like traditional paper, it can also be recycled and the paper produced will last longer without diminishing in quality, like traditional tree pulp.

Hemp protein can be used to help feed people and to improve the health of those who consume it. Hemp seeds have high nutritional value, no THC and are a cost effective alternative to wheat goods. It also has been shown to have fewer physical side effects to both men and women, when compared to the long term effects that are possible with soy protein.
Cannabis oil is another possibility with these plants. This non-toxic substance can be used for fuel, paint, detergent, and similar substances without having the harmful side effects that are associated with them. Since this is a renewable source, there is also no concern with depleting our resources, so they can remain a cost effective solution at the same time.

The industrial sector can also use cannabis to help with building, lubrication, and more. These substance is an effective insulation. It poses less danger than fiberglass and it better regulates the temperature in the buildings it is used in. When mixed with lime and silica, it can even help to make a stronger cement foundations than traditional concrete slabs.
Personal lubricants using hemp are also becoming a popular choice. They have fewer associated allergies associated with them than many of the synthetic personal lubricants on the market, which makes them a safer choice for those who have sensitive allergies.
Cannabis based plastics are also a real possibility and they have their own set of uses. Due to their composition, it is possible to create plastic like products that contain nothing more than hemp. Hemp plastic can be used to make a stronger, safer shell to a vehicle as Henry Ford once demonstrated in the 1940s. It can also be used to make stronger CD & DVD cases that would resist damage, shower curtain liners that would better prevent water from leaving the shower, and even plastic bottles for food that would contain fewer toxins that the traditional plastics.

One other interesting use of hemp is the fact it can be used to help address soil contamination and treat chemical damage in nuclear disaster areas. In the 1990s, hemp was used to treat the Chernobyl site in the Ukraine that experienced a nuclear disaster. Thanks to their ability to grow in most conditions, the plants were able to remove things like sludge, fly ash, heavy metals, and other toxins. The radioactivity in the area also decreased thanks to the use of these plants. This is in an area where other plants would no longer grow.
When you consider just how incredible hemp is, it makes you wonder why more people aren’t getting on board with using it. While it certainly has a negative public perception because of the focus on THC, the plant is actually one of the most incredible things in the world. This is a plant that can help to clean the Earth, clothe millions of people, reduce our dependency on trees and have 400 plants grow quickly each season to reduce our strain on the atmosphere. It is also a nutritionally sound source that will continue to benefit all of those who use it.

So the next time someone asks you what hemp can do for them, you have an answer to build from. It’s important that we stop writing it off as being just a drug, and understanding that the world of possibility it offers will only help us to continue to make progress. As more states come on board with medical and recreational use of marijuana, we should find that farmers begin to branch out into the hemp industry and ensure that there is plenty of this incredible plant available.

CBD Cannabidiol

What is CBD Oil
There is a common misconception that everyone who uses marijuana purposes is simply chasing a high. While it’s true there are strains higher in THC that help to treat certain psychological disorders, there are also those who use marijuana that has the THC removed. The benefit from the plant comes from the Canabidiol (CBD) in the plant, which is one of the 85 cannabinoids that are found in the plant. In fact, more medical doctors are in agreement that the CBD of the plant have vastly more benefit to patients than THC does.
Some specialty breeders in the United States, have changed the strains of the cannabis they grow. These plants have a raised CBD level to give customers the benefit of the medication, without having them experience the high that comes with THC. With more patients choosing to take this approach, it is becoming common to find these new strains available through medical marijuana shops.
There are actually a number of ways that CBD alone has helped patients. Unlike THC it works as an antipsychotic, antiepileptic and even an anti-anxiety medication. All without the high that patients feel and this is perhaps why more in the medical community are becoming more receptive to people using this medication.
In a person with a cigarette addiction, there are studies that suggest CBD users experienced a reduction in their urgency of smoking. With the use of CBD through the form of an inhaler, those quitting smoking find fewer cravings for nicotine and help to offset the withdrawal symptoms that are typically experienced with these items.
There is also a use for CBD oil in those who suffer from acne according to the Journal of Clinical Investigation. A study they published found that CBD actually helped to combat the inflammatory aspect of acne and even worked as a sebostatic.
While these two conditions might seem like minor annoyances, as you continue to explore the medical benefits of CBD, you’ll find that it can do so much more for a person. In fact, there are several serious medical conditions that can also be dealt with the use of CBD.
One is the development of diabetes. A study was done to show that in mice that were treated with the CBD, it reduced the risk of IL-12 production by the splenocytes. This also prevented some autoimmune diseases from forming in the mice also. However, while the substance was found to be effective for preventing the condition, it did not have any direct impact on blood glucose levels in the body.
Those looking for a natural treatment for fibromyalgia will also find that CBD might be the best treatment option for them. While many providers will prescribe opioids and corticosteroids, research done in 2011 suggests that cannabis with high levels of CBD could help to treat the symptoms and the pain of this condition. This is especially the case in individuals who experienced little to no improvements while being treated with traditional pharmaceutical medication.
This then ties into multiple sclerosis. Thanks to the reduction in inflammation and the other benefits associated with CBD, patients who use it to treat MS will find that they can experience an overall improvement in their health and wellbeing. That makes this an excellent choice to consider when you are reviewing the options you have both from natural and pharmaceutical choices.
While THC can mess with the mind, CBD also contains substances that halt prions and help to prevent dangerous diseases like mad cow disease and Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. With this promising research in these areas, it suggests that other conditions of the mind may be successfully treated and prevented by the use of CBD.
With the knowledge that CBD also works well on stress and anxiety, it should come as no surprise that many people also use it to help combat post traumatic stress disorder. The substance works by slowing down the individual and calming them to the point where they can often overcome the long term effects of this condition. This means a more stabilized mood and the risk of an individual having an episode out of the blood is less common. In most cases, outburst would become less frequent and that makes it an excellent choice to consider.
There is also a belief that CBD can help treat schizophrenia according to a 2012 study found in Translational Psychiatry. This study showed that the profile of CDB provided more exceptional results in patients, than many of the pharmaceutical medications that were available. That means patients had less episodes and were able to experience a unique increase it the quality of their lives as a result.
Even other problem areas can be treated with CBD. Those with a bowel condition that plagues them like Crohn’s Disease show symptom relief with the CBD levels in the oil. The body is able to function better and the inflammation in the area fades. This leads to better bowel health and an improvement in the overall condition of the patient.
It’s important to remember these aren’t the only things that CBD can help to treat. Patients with seizures, HIV/AIDS, Arthritis, Chronic Pain, and other severe medical problems will also find relief. The medical community is just starting to learn about all the health benefits that are associated with CBD and are taking an active approach to helping those in their care receive the maximum benefit possible.