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Understand Your Market and SEO Basics

By understanding the fundamentals of domain name selection, you will have a distinct advantage over those who choose a name only using price and emotion. Having the "golden keywords" in the URL has been proven to have an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) advantage. In the vast majority of cases, having the dot com TLD (Top Level Domain) is critical to marketing success because the 'Com is King, and will always be the number one recognized address. (Especially for mobile phones where there is a ".com" button on most keyboards.) The exceptions are that .ORG has an "air of respect" to the uninformed. If you are simply trying to compete for traffic for pure sales, (no desire to brand-build) it really doesn't matter what TLD you choose because Google Search does not (allegely) discriminate against "lesser-than" TLDS.
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Select Registrar

  • 'Daddy knows best

    GoDaddy is probably the largest, if not the most widely-recognized domain name registrar on the internet. An advantage to go with the 'daddy is that because of their popularity, it is often easier to transfer a domain from account to account: this is called a "push", and the transfer between accounts can often be completed in a matter of minutes. Godaddy has a pretty good user interface, and often runs sales via "coupons" for new domain name registrations.

  • Be a Rebel

    We have a great relationship as a Rebel customer. Rebel (used to be called NameScout) is a respected registrar that is associated with the drop-catch website Drop-catching is a service whereby a registrar will "watch" for expiring domains to be released to the public registry. This technique carries a fee, but it can be well worth it to secure the premium or niche name you have dreaming of.

  • Offshore Web Host

    Marijuana is still illegal accordding to the Federal Government. If you have a website hosted at a mainstream web host, it's possibe one day to wake and find that due to political presssure, your site has been suspended due to a violation of the Terms of Service (TOS) that states you cannot host web sites of subject matter that is agsainst the law. Protect your business by buying your names and hosting your sites offshore. We use CCI of Panama, who have provided excellent services to us for over five years.

How Escrow Works

Domain Name Escrow.

We use Afternic as our primary domain name escrow company. All of the domain names listed on this site can be purchased using Afternic. The advantages are that, like other forms of escrow, Afternic holds the funds until the domain name has been securely transferred to the Buyer's registrar. The fees are paid for buy the Seller, and if the name is being transferred to Godaddy, the transfer can often be completed within one day. A distinct advantage with this method (in addition to the speedy transfer) is that Afternic is owned by Godaddy, so if there are any questions or hang-ups, there is no finger pointing and the Godaddy Staff and Afternic Team can directly communicate.

If for some reason the Buyer is unable to use Afternic, is available as an alternative. is well respected and conducts escrow services for other itms like websites, vehicles and merchandise.

Payment Plans and Leasing

We offer payment plans under certain conditions. Typically, the payments are made over a 12-24 month period. After entering into a sales agreement, the Buyer makes first payment and then the domain name IP address or NameServers will be forwaded to Buyer's hosting account. After complettion of the payment terms, the domain name is then transferred to the Buyer's account. For certain situations like events, we will consider 6-18 month leases.

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