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LED Growlight Technology

LED Grow Light Technology for Marijuana Plants
As with any kind of horticultural project, the growing of marijuana for legal recreational or medical use can be an involved process. There are many factors that you need to take into account to ensure that you have healthy and robust plants. Indoor growing is an ideal option for many, as it makes it easier to overcome the challenges of a harsh climate, or even pest control. If you’re growing indoors, grow lights will be a necessity. LED lights are a popular option for personal and commercial cultivation, but there are some important factors to consider before you can settle on the right solution.
Full Spectrum LED Lights for Marijuana Growing
In nature, plants take their energy from the sun to perform photosynthesis. Indoors, you can replicate soil and moisture conditions, but emulating the right kind of light radiation can be challenging. Plants make use of some light that is outside of the spectrum that we’re able to see visually. UV light, and far-red light, are the two ends of the spectrum that we can’t see. The cannabis plant has receptors which are especially sensitive to light around 630nm (red), and 460nm (blue). This is common for most plants, and these are the wavelengths of light that most early grow light producers were focusing on. Today, the most effective grow light will be able to provide these frequencies, but will also be made up of individual LED lights that are able to provide all of the key wavelengths to your plants.
Take a look at any high quality full spectrum glow light on the market, and you should be presented with details on the light wavelengths that they provide. In addition to the blue and red wavelengths mentioned above, these lights will provide other bands across the spectrum, such as 660nm (deep red), 410nm (UV), 730nm (infrared), and others. There are some grow lights available that provide 10 different wavelengths from a single array of LED lights.
While some single color grow lights may still be marketed, they’re not always the best solution for growing cannabis. Full spectrum lights give you more control to ensure that your plants are in an environment that most closely simulates an outdoor environment. Of course when you grow indoors, you have the luxury of being able to create ideal growing conditions, no matter what the weather is doing outside. This makes for bigger crops that are able to reach maturity in record time.
The Benefits of LED Grow Lights
You now understand that LED light arrays need to produce a broad spectrum of light to promote growth in your plants, but what about other technologies, such as HID lighting? HID lighting was once popular within growing communities, but it is now known that this lighting technology does not produce the ideal spectrum for maximum growth. With the right kind of LED lighting system, especially when you go with the proven brands, you will experience growth that exceeds anything that is possible with the inefficient HID lighting systems.
The benefit of LED lighting is not just in the full spectrum of light that can be produced, but is also the fact that LED lights are more power efficient than other technologies. Energy efficiency is the reason that LED has become the leading lighting technology in applications ranging from automotive lighting, to LCD panel backlighting, and of course marijuana grow lights.
If considering enthusiast and small scale growing operations, LED grow lights are able to produce the same intensity as rival solutions, while using up to 50% less energy. Some 250W LED grow lights are able to provide for the same amount of growth as a powerful 500W High Pressure Sodium (HPS) grow light. This is enough for a 16 square foot plantation.
Do LED Grow Lights Suffer from Overheating Problems?
Lights that produce excess heat are not only inefficient, but they require cooling implementations which can drastically increase your total energy consumption. Not only can this make for a more expensive growing operation, but heat can also introduce the risk of fire, equipment failure, and of course the extra energy used can take its toll on the electricity grid, and ultimately the environment.
If you’re an environmentally conscious grower - and let’s face it, most people who grows plants usually are – then you will want the most energy efficient grow light solution. LED lighting definitely fits the bill in this area. LED light is a cool light, and there is not a lot of energy wasted as heat. That is not to say that there is no heat produced, and LED lights do still require some degree of cooling. Most diodes are cooled by a passive heatsink on the back of the light. This is a solid piece of dissipating material that removes the heat from the lights. A larger array may require fan cooling, and there are models on the market that include the light array and a cooling solution in one.
LED – An Efficient Solution for Legal Cannabis Growing
Legal reform and shifting public perceptions have made marijuana cultivation a viable option for many. Indoor growing represents the most efficient and productive way to grow the cannabis plant. Grow lights are essential for indoor crops, and LED lighting is one of the most efficient technologies available today. Energy savings, a broader spectrum light source for photosynthesis, and fewer cooling requirements, are just three reasons why LED grow lights may be the best choice for you.

Marijuana Labor Market Report

420 Labor Force is Diverse and Optimistic
As marijuana changes its presence in the United States, there is a change set in motion for the labor for the industry. Marijuana isn’t just helping people with medical conditions cope with their illness, it is actually adding new jobs and helping people who have long been out of work to find employment.
Scientists and farmers can come up with new species that can help to treat different chronic conditions. In fact, researchers are constantly at work looking at how they can decrease TCH levels and boost CBD levels in these plants. The CBD is what gives the greatest number of people a benefit from the plant and this research is keeping good people employed, in their efforts to help others find the relief they need from their chronic conditions.
Farm growth and processing in factories is on the rise. Marijuana farmers are hiring work crews to help them to grow and to care for these plants. Security officers are in place to help keep an eye on the plants so they are not stolen or tampered with. After the plant is harvested, they are taken to the factory to be processed and broken down so they can be labelled for use in medical marijuana facilities. This means that people who are used to farm and factory labor have new and exciting options that are available for them.
Product testing before it hits shelves will also be key. There will need to be continued to research the different benefits each strain has. So test lab techs are most likely set to witness a spike in employment opportunities. Whether it is testing blood or the chemicals found in each plant, these professionals will have the chance to find work much easier than they are currently able to.
Temp industries will also have a spike for seasonal employees. When harvest season arrives, more of these companies will need to find temporary staffing to help them manage the processing of these plants. This is a great way to add an additional jolt to the local economy and to even potentially help top tier staff to transition over to a new industry.
Compliance officers will notice a benefit from these changing laws. Not only will there need to be an increase in the number of professionals who inspect the conditions of these farms, but to also ensure that the operations are running according to the law. These individuals will have to travel and that means that by doing so, they are adding an additional benefit to the local economies where these marijuana farms are located.
Internally, the farms and processing plants will also need to have a full staff on hand. There needs to be bookkeepers who are keeping a watchful eye on the finances of these companies. Lawyers need to be in place to protect the legal interests of the farms. Human resources professionals are necessary to run background checks and to match up the best employees to the positions that they are applying for. This means professional office staff will also experience a benefit from the expansion of America in our economy.
What does this mean for the economy? It means there is continued strengthening of the dollar. Unlike illegal substances sold on the street, the industry produced marijuana is safe from additives and it helps everyone who handles the processing of the marijuana from start to finish to use their skill sets and to add a solid and growing industry in the United States to succeed.
But for these businesses, will there be a need for unions? The answer is, yes. It’s important that working conditions and fair wages remain in place for these professionals. You don’t want to have a team working for a low dollar value and creating disgruntled employees. A balanced union that ensures proper protection, funding, and health insurance is available to each of these individuals is important.
This means that the budtenders rights are maintained at all times. There are no surprises for them and there is someone they can count on having in their corner at all times. This is important to take into account when you consider the evolving changes in the industry and how quickly these changes can also leave someone left behind, who doesn’t have the representation they need.
As you can see, marijuana is an industry that isn’t just making a few people rich and giving everyone else a high. This is an industry that is helping people to find the medical treatments they need, while being produced in an industry that is growing and adding new jobs all the time. That means unemployment rates in areas with these farms is going down and soon, this industry will continue to prove why it is one of the best movements in the history of the United States.