Marijuana Sales Affiliates

Make Money from the 420 Marketplace without ever touching Weed!
The emerging Marijuana ecosystem is ripe for successful business activities using a variety of strategies, including selling related items via network affiliates. Long successful in other web avenues including pharmacy and media, affiliate sales offer between 3-30% commissions from small businesses to corporate giants alike. Competition is keen, and players need to take advantage of all key strategies and tools including marijuana friendly web hosting, the ability to generate traffic via SEO and paid advertising as well as industry events and word of mouth referral. These techniques are for Online sales of everything BUT the plant product itself...a strategy that will surely have the Feds calling post haste.
Hot Marijuana Affiliate Categories:
  • Vaporizers - this is a huge trend for the younger 420 crowd
  • How to grow marijuana books
  • Urine Testing and How to pass a urine test
  • LED Growlights
  • Pipes and Bongs- Online headshop reviews
  • Grow kits including hydroponic, organic fetilizers
  • Games, Stickers, stash containers

Make Money From Marijuana
With an estimated annual U.S. sales over $100 Billion, the marijuana industry will continue to grow as more states adopt medical marijuana and full-legal status. Many successful marijuana companies will prosper not from selling actual marijuana products, but by selling the non-regulated associated items in the robust marijuana ecosystem. As with Alcohol and tobacco, the regulation of Cannabis will make the production and sale of marijuana and related concentrates prohibitively expensive and until full national legalization, a threat from the Feds will be lurking in the shadows. Making Money from Marijuana will be easier for the home-based business if the product selection avoids controversial and heavily regulated items.

Marijuana Affiliate Programs
Starting an online business is a dream of many people. Whether it’s selling home craft or other products, monetizing information that is provided over the web, or even leveraging off of skills that can be packaged as a service, the internet provides a huge market that can be accessed from almost anywhere, at any time.
One way that thousands of online businesspeople are growing their income, is through affiliate sales and marketing. Affiliate marketing doesn’t require that you develop a product, and you won’t even need to run your own ecommerce solution. Through services like Amazon’s Affiliate Program (and many others), you can capitalize on your ability to produce persuasive content that generates sales referrals.
Let’s take a look at how it works.

Cannabis Sales and Marketing Explained

At its simplest, affiliate marketing is a system where a merchant rewards you with commission for making referrals to their site or individual products. Say for example, you have a passion for Kayaking. You join an affiliate program with a large ecommerce retailer that sells kayaking related products. Using your own online presence, like your website and blogs, you would then develop content which attracts people who are interested in purchasing kayaking equipment. Using link text and display advertising, you are then able to send these referrals to the site that you have partnered with.
It sounds simple, and in many respects, it is. Depending on the affiliate advertising program that you join, there are some different ways in which you might be rewarded for generating leads and sales.
· Pay Per Sale (PPS) programs offer commissions that are a percentage of every sale generated through your targeted content. · Pay Per Click (PPC) will generate revenue each time that a link is followed. This is regardless of whether it results in an actual sale. · Pay Per Lead (PPL) programs will pay you based on leads, that don’t necessarily result in immediate sales. Examples of this could be when you generate traffic that results in user sign ups or completed surveys.
The most common method, and the one that will result in the most revenue for you, is the PPS affiliate sales model.
What is Required for a Successful Affiliate Sales Business?
Succeeding in affiliate sales requires that you have the necessary content and exposure to generate traffic and compel people to click through to your affiliate links.
Powerful content will be relevant, informative, and persuasive. Many affiliate marketers find success by providing authentic and helpful reviews of the products that they are marketing. You could talk about how a particular product provides value, and how people are using it. Some of the most popular affiliate sites are based on in-depth product reviews, where consumers can compare offerings before clicking through to an affiliate link. Blog posts can provide additional content that brings value to your audience.
To drive traffic to your site, it is necessary to rely on traditional web strategies. Search Engine Optimization, advertising, and other strategies will help to bring in viewers, and ultimately result in clicks and revenue for your business.
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Finding the Right Niche
One thing that is essential in affiliate sales and marketing, is finding a niche where you can be successful. Your niche should align to your passion and skills, but it should also be one that is profitable, and that is not overly saturated. Highly active markets like technology and basic consumer goods, can be difficult to break into, especially considering that there are already hundreds, if not thousands of online marketers fighting in a highly competitive marketplace.
Emerging markets represent some of the best opportunities for affiliate sales. In niches that are relatively untapped, you will have the opportunity to develop compelling content that places you ahead of the competition, allowing you to firmly establish yourself as an authoritative marketer. This will help to generate traffic to your own pages, while also raising the click through traffic that you generate for your affiliate program.
Opportunities in Marijuana Home Business
Medical marijuana and associated products are gaining traction in liberalized markets around the world. In certain areas of the United States, for example, it is now legal to sell marijuana related products. Oregon, Colorado, Washington, and Maine, are all examples where marijuana has been legalized at a state level. Other states have decriminalized the use of marijuana, and have implemented legislation that makes it legal to use marijuana products for qualified medical reasons.
The opportunity exists, not in selling marijuana online, but selling relevant products that represent a growing alternative culture movement that is sympathetic to the use of marijuana in responsible recreational situations, or medical scenarios.
Affiliate sales can be lucrative in marijuana related apparel, various products like stickers and novelty household items, and even specialty growing products like lamps and hydroponic systems. Being creative in what you sell, and catering to your niche with highly informative content, will result in a strong reputation and the potential to capitalize on the growing interest in the niche.
Marijuana related products are just examples of the opportunities in affiliate marketing. The point is that if you are able to find a growing area that you are interested in, and where you are able to apply your skills and knowledge, then you will find success with affiliate sales.
Begin Your New Business or monetize existing traffic
If you are interested in online business, and you love communicating with people, and helping them to find products and services that align with their needs and interests, then affiliate sales and marketing could be the ideal business opportunity for you.
You can develop your skills as you go, constantly refining your approach and content, until you achieve the success that you’re looking for. With emerging niche products there are always opportunities to market online: This is the year to get involved in a brand new marketplace.

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