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Finding ongoing worry-free web services a real challenge
Even though much progress has been made regarding the decriminalization and legalization of Cannabis, it is still considered to be an illegal drug by the Federal Government. Subsequently, Marijuana Web Site Operators may be considered in violation of the Terms of Service (TOS) of most mainstream web hosting services. TOS documents by the mainstream companies are vague for a reason: they want the absolute last-word when it comes to content on their servers. Most TOS' will include a statement regarding disallowed content such as "Web sites may not promote illegal drugs or activities....". It WILL NOT be relevant if your marijuana business (or server) is located in in a legal marijuana state such as Washington or Colorado. Furthermore, the interpretation to the terms of service agreements may differ from one Staff person to the next; one may decide MJ business is OK, others may consider it to be a TOS violation and shut down or suspend the site without warning. A site suspension is quite serious as many Marijuana Webmasters have worked for months to get their site to rank high in the search engines, only to have all the hard work (and money!) flushed down the toilet from an unannounced marijuana site shutdown. When the provider rips-the-rug-out from under an otherwise sound business plan, the results are often catastrophic.
Marijuana Friendly web hosts DO exist, and for most businesses, an offshore host provider is the most advantageous. A lot of European countries are cannabis industry tolerant, but there are situations where this is not the best choice due to language, time, and currency differences.
The most logical choice for most is to use a Panama Web Host for the following reasons:
  1. U.S. Dollar is the official currency- no hassles for payments or ecommerce
  2. Panama is the technology leader for web hosting in Central/South America
  3. The Global "internet backbone" is located in Panama - maximum bandwidth
  4. Panama Web Hosting is Marijuana Friendly
  5. Same time zone as the U.S. - no delays in contact for support
  6. Fully capable shared and dedicated Marijuana hosting
  7. For customer support, you can submit a ticket though your control panel, but they also offer support via chat- it's a great way to get help fast for simple questions. They are patient, and I have always encountered a friendly and helpful attitude for over five years

Check out CCI: If you have any questions about offshore hosting, send us an email.
Offshore Web Hosting

Marijuana Hosting in Panama
Cost effectiveness, reliability, speed, and a high degree of technical support, are three key aspects that make up a high quality web hosting provider. When it comes to your business, whether you’re an affiliate marketer, an ecommerce provider, or someone from any niche, your hosting solution can have the ability to make or break your company. Offshore hosting is becoming a popular choice for businesses of all sizes in North America.
Panama is perfectly suited to serving the needs of internet based businesses, or even traditional businesses that want to establish a strong and reliable online presence. A combination of factors could make Panama hosting the right solution for you, so let’s find out what those factors are:
The Economic Situation in Panama
Panama is a nation that enjoys high levels of prosperity and low inflation. Although still developing many areas of its economy, it is considered a relatively safe market for investment and trade. Trade has formed a huge part of Panama’s economy, even going back to the arrival of the Spanish, with the country serving as a land transportation link between the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, allowing the movement of goods from the western lands of South America, to European ports. With the construction and continued operation of the Panama Canal, Panama remains the most important transoceanic route in modern times.
Despite a strong history in trade and transportation, Panama is also a growing financial and technological sector. One particular area where panama shines, is with cloud infrastructure and internet hosting services.
Ideally Placed for Telecommunications
Panama hosts infrastructure that is unmatched in Central America. Five of the world’s most important fiber optic cables intersect in Panama, and the local telephone, high speed internet, and cellular networks, are second to none. The World Economic Forum listed Panama as the most competitive economy in Central America, which is largely thanks to the technology infrastructure that the nation boasts. Even the smallest municipalities enjoy high levels of internet penetration, with commercial and residential services, as well as government funded Wi-Fi services in key areas.
Panama’s Prosperity and Technological Development can Benefit You
Seeing how Panama is in such a unique position, with excellent communication systems and a thriving market place, you will now be asking the question – how can this benefit my business?
Panama’s service providers have been able to leverage their position to provide cost effective and reliable offshore hosting solutions to businesses around the world. Unlike some cut-price services in distant markets. Panama shares a geographical relationship with the United States and Canada, and this not only allows for better access speeds, but also means that standard support hours are perfectly aligned with most of North America.
The technology solutions offered in Panama are as good, if not better, than the ones being offered in highly developed nations.
    · Panamanian companies offer Virtual Private Server (VPS) solutions, with all of the features that you would expect, including 24/7 support, server redundancy and automatic backups, robust DDoS protection, high capacity RAID storage, generous traffic allowances, dedicated IPv4 space, and dedicated hardware.
    · Offshore hosting provides you with redundancy in the case of outages and events that might otherwise limit access to your pages and services. Hosting is mirrored across multiple data centers.
    · The political and regulatory situations in Panama are vastly different to those in North America. If privacy is a major concern, then this is an ideal region to base your hosting. The Panamanian government shares limited financial information with the United States, and you will never have to worry about censorship or other legal action that could compromise your business, or the privacy of your clients.
    · There are colocation opportunities if you wish to have your equipment hosted in a Panamanian data center. This provides you all of the benefits of the increased privacy, security, and advanced infrastructure, without having to rely on standard solutions that might not meet your business needs.
    · Anonymous domains and private offshore hosting are both provided by leading Panama hosting companies, offering you complete security and anonymity when conducting business online.
    · Hosting and other internet services are competitively priced, and are often more affordable than domestic solutions. Panama also deals in US Currency which means that affordable hosting solutions aren’t influenced by fluctuations in foreign currencies.
Panama is the Obvious Choice for Offshore Hosting Solutions
With a wide range of offerings that represent current and emerging technological trends, stable government, and world class infrastructure, Panama is the ideal location for offshore hosting. The fact that companies in Panama are dedicated to maintaining the privacy of your data, and that support is typically offered around the clock, means that you will receive service that equals and many times exceeds what you are accustomed to.
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